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Ray Suarez of Pwned By Sadists (PBS) Reads Script Perfectly During Interview on Opioids and Newborns Scare

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, May 1, 2012 - 8:54 pm

Tonight the Pwned By Sadists inside the Möbius Loop Beltway Hour (PBS Newshour) had a segment about “babies addicted to opioids.” Ray Suarez read his script like a champ. Never saying any specific term like opiates or opioids but only referring to the amorphous “drugs” in order to keep up the fright factor.

And sorry to say the medical doctor kept on referring to “opiates” instead of opioids although he often mentioned pills.

It also reeked of deception since the doctor’s location was noted as Michigan, but the skyline clearly was of Boston, MA. Perhaps he was in Boston to help advise the Boston Watch-and-Ward-Society Globe.

In any case the whole staged conversation reminded me of Chapter 4 in Consumer Union’s amazing book, Licit & Illicit Drugs, as well as the whole big batch of research you can find on National Advocates for Pregnant Women’s website.

Frankly I was so disturbed by this rehashing of long debunked “science” that I emailed and called Lynn M. Paltrow herself to let her know the Sadists were forcing more lies down PBS’s throat for public dissemination and consumption. But she’s so on the ball she already knew about the report of which they spoke.


I’ll see if I can embed the report later. I have so much going on that I’ve bogged down in publishing updates to the website. Sorry. Please see the Explore More sidebar on the lower right side of the page for more immediate updates. And you are tuning into the work each Sunday night, right? (See upper right of this page for links.)

It seems that to make use of some software I really need, I have to update the whole website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. This is not a one click undertaking since I’ve made use of CCK, one of the most powerful modules.

On the to-do list is publishing a recent radio interview Ken Anderson of HAMS: Harm Reduction for Alcohol did of me: And a bunch of other stuff … So I am very sorry it seems as though nothing is going on. Stay tuned …


Oh yes, there also was a “report” published by Morbid Schafer of 60 Minutes this past Sunday I think. He too, like Ray, asked no critical questions and sold their souls to the propaganda monsters currently destroying our society. They made sure to encourage misinformation so teens will kill themselves accidentally by equating smoking marijuana to vaporizing heroin.