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2012-05-11 Updates

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Fri, May 11, 2012 - 6:51 pm

About to go offline for 15-30 minutes so I can back up the database and download it. I need to test a major upgrade on a test server first before I do it on the live site.

So many things to report on in the CAP world and also commentary about how the foul infiltrators in our government continue to act like they are doing God’s will while in fact they do the exact opposite, working hard to deceive the masses.

There are precocious few in government who care about kids and the fate of our country as much as us drug policy reformers do. Have you written, called, or visited them? Just today I met with my local representative. I encourage you to find out who your local rep. is and meet with him/her.

Ok, gotta take the site offline for a short time. Back soon.