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FOX KCPQ 2013-01-02

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Jan 28, 2013 - 4:54 pm

No criminal charges in death of Mukilteo man in Snohomish County Jail

If you missed the beginning of this tragedy, please watch this: Prohibition’s Beast with Iron Teeth Devours Another Mother’s Child, as Prophesied.

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Reaction to Snohomish County jail death decision

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Well, surprise, surprise, yet another group who declare they find themselves innocent! So they put off justice until Judgement Day. Prohibitionists and their supporters lord their authority over others, stolen authority; stolen from Man and God.

Please pray for them.

How do you think they would feel if they took pundits advice to send their own offspring to prison as a means to break them of using drugs? If that happened some anonymous monster on a message board would say they were right, your son or daughter died in prison and thus no longer takes drugs, look at the good side!

Please pray for the heartless and cruel Thug Addicts.

I have no doubt Michael Saffioti was treated like Jesus was treated, he was mocked as he died. He was a faker, some white-bread who never lifted a shovel or took out the trash or cleaned the toilet, couldn’t handle a little prison oatmeal.

Am I calling for violence against this town or officials? NO! They need prayers of love. The DA too, as he so obviously implicates himself in agreeing with Drug War.

They need to join LEAP, speak out on the need to end this Evil Religion of Hate, Drug Prohibition.

This horror continues to prove that cops should not be in charge of drug policy or drugs. Yet people in high places who could stop this torrent or horror from happening, do nothing, sit idle on this issue. They busy themselves with the effects of prohibition instead of going to the root of the problem! Drug Prohibition itself must end!