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Prohibitionists and Supporters Ensure Pregnant Mother Dies in Jail and in Shock from Pain

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Wed, Feb 6, 2013 - 12:56 pm

Yet another needless and pain-filled death caused by the prohibitionists and their supporters.

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Pregnant Pauls Valley mother dies in jail


A pregnant woman in extreme pain went to the Pauls Valley General Hospital emergency room in Oklahoma. Apparently she was in so much pain she was called “uncooperative” at which point those at the hospital (which includes cops who are not doctors) judged her fit for prison instead of fit for doing their jobs: diagnosing and treating her!

Perhaps it’s only on TV shows and battlefields where nurses and doctors don’t get in a snit because a patient is flopping around in agony.

Anyway, they hauled her off to a tiny cage to suffer for the remaining two hours of her life. Why? It seems they found two pills on her which they said she was not prescribed. So these people from Oklahoma put the illegal laws of humans over God’s Law. This is how they will be judged and rewarded by God.

Don't worry! The winners of the Deathtime Achievement Award for Sitting in the Seat of God will help you harden your hearts and claim she deserved it.

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This is yet more foreshadowing of the pain and agony Prohibitionists and supporters are accruing for themselves. Just like it’s prophesied throughout the Bible.