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Murderers Recently Add Killing for Drugs to their List of Heinous Crimes, Prohibitionists and Supporters Enlisted

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Mar 28, 2013 - 3:23 pm

Murderers, those who enjoy and promote brutality, killing, torture and death, have recently recruited Prohibitionists and their supporters to add more shed blood to their account.

Prior to the 1800’s and 1900’s there was very little killing due to the alcohol trade, plant trade, and drug trade or their profits; the number of people involved with growing and trading plants, alcohol, and medicines who died due to the mere fact of being in or near the market was very small — minuscule.

However, in what was already a very long list of death and murder:

  • Killing for access to water.
  • Killing for access to slaves.
  • Killing for access to a geographic passage way.
  • Killing over sexual partners.
  • Killing due to robbery.
  • Killing for money and other valuable trading items.
  • Killing for power over groups of people.
  • Killing due to wars.
  • Killing to obtain better weaponry.
  • Killing low-level people to be able to kill the high-level people.
  • Killing high-level people to be able to kill the low-level people.
  • Killing over art.
  • Killing due to jewelry.
  • Killing due to etc…

Murderers recruited Prohibitionists and their supporters. Finally in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s through human strength they were able to force their human wills into U.S. laws and subvert the Constitution. To their already gory list they added:

  • Killing due to drugs.

They began with opiates (later including man-made varieties), moved on to alcohol, cannabis aka marijuana, and many others.

The murderers cheered because Drug Prohibition laws opened up whole new morgues of opportunity! They licked their lips over the thought of more armaments on the street due to Drug Prohibition. Now they could oversee so much more violence, killing, and deaths:

  • More reasons to go to war.
  • More reasons to kill over geographic passage ways.
  • More reasons to kill for power over others.
  • More stuff to overvalue.
  • More reasons to obtain better weaponry.
  • More bribes, secrets, and intrigue to protect via killing witnesses.
  • Killing due to watches.
  • Killing over car stereos.
  • Killing due to sneakers.

Any Lessons Learned?

  • Prior to Drug Prohibition teens and children were not recruited to kill or be killed as part of the drug trade.
  • Prior to opium or heroin being illegal there were no stabbings, armed robberies, or killings, just to obtain it, or the money to pay for it.
  • Prior to Drug Prohibition gangs did not need to threaten, bribe, or infiltrate the police, the political arena, and/or corporate america in order to push drugs on more people.
  • Contrary to what the False Prophets of Prohibition claimed, prisons and jails did not empty, violence did not decrease; the opposite happened: violence increased and the incarceration rate skyrocketed.

The biggest lesson learned which has not yet been implemented: re-legalize drugs! Join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Today


Please pray for the Prohibitionists to repent.