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Making Money? No — Consuming Money, Printing Money, Destroying Value, and Indebting Future Generations

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, May 14, 2013 - 2:51 pm

Dear Drug Policy Reformers,

Please don’t use the word “make” when referring to money and Drug Prohibitionists. The exact opposite is true. There are much better verbs — which are far more descriptive — for us to choose from.

The Drug Prohibition Industrial Complex consumes money; in order to sustain Drug War governments tax, borrow, and print money, thus destroying value and enslaving future generations in huge debt!

A farmer plants seed in a field; a tree grows leaves in spring, then flowers, then fruits. Something is made, something comes into being that wasn’t there before.

On the other hand…

  • Paying out huge overtime to people who kick in doors … nothing is made there.
  • Humongous bureaucracies that force Drug War on the whole world do not “create,” they consume many billions of dollars while grinding the faces of the poor (and others).
  • Unconstitutional (un)civil(ized) asset forfeiture does not make money.
  • Ripping up plants from the ground does not make a single thing.
  • Spraying defoliants on children and families in Third World countries does not create.
  • Allowing banks to launder hundreds of billions of dollars for drug cartels only harms legitimate businesses and banks.
  • etc…

About the only things “made” from the above list: ill will, violence, pain, aguish, heartbreak, bankruptcy, destruction, death, pollution, enormous debt and ridiculous financial obligations (which at some point will have to be voided), and ultimately they make themselves go to Gehenna.

Drug Warriors, prohibitionists, and many others think they “make” money from the Drug War and from Prohibition, but the fact is they make nothing but an evil mess.

Please pray for them, they are destroying themselves, and greatly harming everyone else.