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The BS that is “The Law”

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, May 6, 2014 - 3:32 pm

Oops, I hope you didn’t jump to the conclusion I was encouraging disrespect of cops, lawyers, judges, legislators, prison officials, U.S. Marshals, etc… :-)

All of them — along with Christians Against Prohibition and all other Legalizers — know that Drug Prohibition laws create nothing good, only plenty of bad, including massive disrespect for “the Law!” And in fact CORRUPT ENTITIES have a conflict of interest in writing and perpetuating unconstitutional and harmful laws, even contradictory and deadly laws.

As has been pointed out, laws that are too numerous, too complex, and/or too restrictive have the net effect of ensuring behavioral lawlessness, disrespect for government in general and as a concept. And it doesn’t matter if those writing and enforcing them think they are:

Perhaps a less attention-grabbing headline could have been one below:

The Gross Misuse of the Phrase, “The Law”
The Obfuscation of “The Law”
The Conflation Generation

But those aren’t as attention-grabbing in the land of trillions of headlines! :-) And the last one is kind of hard to understand.

Sorry to say, I have no doubt there are some who have already said I have no respect for “the law,” I take umbrage with that and would point to a few essays, among them: The Men (and Women) of Lawlessness, and the rest of those Sitting in the Seat of God.

Why I Wrote This Essay

But the reason for this essay is because I heard someone attack a Legalizer on the radio. The Prohibitionist was incensed at a claim the Legalizer made. The Prohibitionist retorted, “well, did he break ‘the law?’”

“The Law.”

The Law

The notion there is only one law; that all laws are congruous.

Some people who see me wearing my LEAP pin, or LEAP t-shirt, ask me if I’m a cop or something similar. I reply, “I’m not in human-law enforcement, but into God’s-law encouragement.” I’ve not yet, and doubt I ever will meet a person who will say, “you’re wrong, there is only one law.” (Except people who’ve read this and try to pull my leg. :-)

I wish I had the time to do justice to this essay, but I don’t, so it will be a very rough cut.

Leaving Religious Persecution in Europe or Bringing It?!

One thing we can learn from Loony Laws… That You Never Knew You Were Breaking — it didn’t take long after many people left murderous religious persecution in Europe that here in the U.S. the Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation and so many others began forcing their version of religion on others.

If you talk to someone far more knowledgable than me about laws and courts, you will find there are all kinds of overlapping and jurisdictional laws: civil, criminal, federal, state, natural, biblical, physics, etc…

Scripture References

And what kind of host would I be if I didn’t point out there are a lot of laws in the so-called Old Testament or that Jesus spoke about what he said was the most important one(s)?

Contradictory Laws

As a religious person it appalls me to hear politicians (and others) who pretend, or claim they are Christian, support these evil (in)human drug prohibition laws as though they were more righteous than God’s laws which they contradict!

As can be seen throughout history, notably with Alcohol Prohibition, laws violating nature, violating fundamental human rights, and laws which go against the very words and spirit of the founding documents of a society, results in: death, disease, crime, and corruption.

On the very first page — not page 1, or the Preface, Table of Contents, or Title page — upon opening Loony Laws… That You Never Knew You Were Breaking there is a short list of 5 laws, two of which come from Florida, (1) “in Miami it is illegal for men to be seen in public in any kind of strapless gown,” (2) “unmarried women in Florida are bound by law not to parachute on the Sabbath.”

The opening law for the chapter ‘Laughable Laws Concerning Food and Drink’ (p.66) is

The Encyclopedia Britannica is actually outlawed in the state of Texas, for a statute prohibits Texans from purchasing, stores from selling, and others from owning a set of these enlightening books. Why? The Britannica contains a formula in one of its volumes for manufacturing home brew.

Later we find (p.67)

Kentucky women have been given the legal right to put castor oil in their hubby’s alcoholic drinks to stop him from drinking. It’s not only a wife’s right to spike his drinks, the state considers it to be one of her moral duties.


Why do bullies force laws on others? Spy on them? Work hard to hurt them and make the look bad? Those are big questions; and I’d say best seen in the larger context of some other stuff.

Trying to Conclude

In the mean time, society suffers in a multitude of ways, like the expense in getting rid of those horribly evil laws, let alone trying to repair the damage they’ve done. But we’re not quite that far yet. Instead of learning from the Bible they claim to hold dear, and instead of learning from history, Prohibitionists harden their hearts, close their minds, and do their best to hem everyone in with lies and fear. And “law.”


What to do? We must repeal our Prohibition laws and replace them with regulation laws. And Pray for the Prohibitionists!

While we do that, be prepared, you will be accused of promoting lawlessness, you will probably encounter people who equate your patriotism to the support of prohibition, and you most definitely will meet the conflators, the oversimplifiers who say vaporizing nicotine is the same as smoking tobacco, those who call all drugs “narcotics,” and those who say “THE LAW” when referring to the hodgepodge of human laws, as they imply they really came out of the mouth of God.