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We Like Our Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Better Than We Like Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 - 12:26 am

The champions and promoters of death, stigma, lies, and pain screamed in faces, over the airwaves, and in the oldspapers about their lust for continued undeserved, unconstitutional, and un-Biblical power over others.

They issued scathing press release after scathing press release. They filled the oldspapers with voluminous prohibitionist claptrap and blather. They held hearings. They bribed researchers with generous sums dedicated to straining out teeny-tiny gnats so everyone could fixate on the smoke and mirrors machines operated by the magicians in media.

They chanted their message over and over, “Stigma! And Shame! Point the Finger of Blame!”

“Stigma! And Shame! Point the Finger of Blame!”

Stanton Peele Ph.D., J.D. Singled Out.

Dueling Self-Fulfilling Prophecies.

Editorial after editorial, op-ed after op-ed, cloaked in compassion, filled with stale myths, anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, clearly the devil knows his time is short.

They railed against the writings of legalizers such as Stanton Peele.

“We demand everyone ignore Peele’s dangerous teachings. Have you heard the title of his latest (co-written) book? Recover! Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with The PERFECT Program.

How dare those hideous loser dirty druggie-addicts think they can recover without us hounding them, stigmatizing them, arresting them, making them go to a drug court, constantly expose their genitalia and urinate in our full view, … their miserable lives are proof we need to be their keepers! We should have video cameras on them at all times! I can’t believe this is the year 2014, we should have had this thirty years ago!

“Those people should have no claim or power over their own lives at all!”

They rallied in front of bookstores that sell the book, and in front of Internet cafés where Peele’s websites could be read; they waved signs and chanted another slogan, “We like our our self-fulfilling prophecies better than we like your self-fulfilling prophecies!

“Peele purports people recover on their own! Without additional drugs! Without counseling! Without being stigmatized! Without being ground down and driven broke by our justice system! Without absolute abstinence!! Without equating all use to abuse! He actually gives them hope! Abominable! We must denigrate them at every opportunity. Just look at this tiny slice of his litany of lunacy.

‘The Accomplishments of Our Self-Fulfilling Prophecies!’

“We need to remind people of our accomplishments through our self-fulfilling prophecies! We told everyone you could spread disease, or die, if you used or shared needles! So we prevented you from buying fresh ones. And look, we were right! Do you know how many people we affected with our policies?! We sent a big, amazing, and demonstrable message!

“We told you your loved one might die after our Absolute Abstinence Zero Tolerance rehabilitation programs, and guess what?! Your children did die!

“We told everyone the environment would be harmed; and look at the pollution we’ve fumigated on peasant farmers and their barefoot kids. Both the environment and people were harmed! A ‘twofer!’

“We told everyone terrorists would get lots of money through the underground market in the drug trade, and look! By keeping drugs illegal our prophesies came true!

“We told everyone you would not get ahead but be powerless if you used drugs! So when we found out, we made sure to take away your scholarships, yank your license, prevent you from voting, put you in jail, bar you from housing, and many other things you need!

“We told everyone public health and safety would be increased, but instead we inadvertently (or was it on purpose) raised the prices for these products, thus ensuring not only the existing chain would have incentive to stay in the business (hooray for suddenly NO regulations and NO taxes!), but ensuring millions more people would enter the trade at various levels. Whoops, we screwed up here; that obviously was a false prophecy! Except that it now allows us to point the finger even more!

“Stigma! And Shame! Point the finger of Blame!
“Stigma! And Shame! Point the finger of Blame!
“Stigma! And Shame! Point the finger of Blame!

“Yes, we like … NO! NEED our self-fulfilling prophecies more than those of the sick minds of legalizers like Peele, LEAP, and Broken No More. I hope I have convinced everyone of the DIRE IMPERATIVE to maintain Prohibition.”