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Jack A. Cole Featured in dig Boston

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Jul 6, 2014 - 4:39 pm

Meet the Local Ex-Narc Who Says It’s Time to Legalize All Substances

DANNY MCDONALD, June 18, 2014

[…] Cole has additional stats, and scholarly charisma, to go around. As a result, his own number-crunching has found that roughly 80 percent of those who hear a LEAP presentation wind up agreeing that U.S. drug policy has been futile.“This is not a hard sell,” he says. “This is a very easy sell.”

When I point to a recent Huffington Post poll that indicates low support for legalizing hard drugs like heroin and cocaine in America, Cole is dismissive, saying the dissenters simply haven’t heard his group speak. To counter me, he also cites another survey in which two out of every three Americans don’t think people should be prosecuted for coke or heroin possession, while 54 percent support marijuana legalization.

Also see his awesome comment on the same page!

(Be sure to read a moving piece about Jack here: “I Live the Drug War Every Day.”)