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Update 2014-07-28

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Jul 28, 2014 - 3:25 pm

Currently updating Thug Addicts, We Love Religion, But Not Forcing It On Others!, and others.

Perhaps some new important information was discovered about the percentage of Thug Addicts who permeate the world.

Possibly the most important discovery — using the theory of mathematical fractals, specifically self-similarity, applying the concept of educational transfer, and studying addiction rates — is it's quite possible the "use" rate of Thug Addicts in Law Enforcement* trends in the same way as the number of users / consumers / dependent (aka addicted) to [gambling, heroin, alcohol, sex, religion, etc…].

In searching for facts and answers I asked a widely respected police authority and was informed, s/he was not aware of any studies indicating the percentages of bullies in the ranks of policing.

If Thug Addiction follows the same “use” rate as other addictions I think this is VERY GOOD NEWS!

On one hand it means there are far fewer bullies working as cops than it might seem to some who follow police misbehavior news (specifically or tangentially). (But I principally hope it strengthens, gives faith, supports, emboldens, encourages those among us who are put off when bullying happens — and have the authority do something about it — to follow best advice in those situations.)

But on the other hand it speaks to the issue of just how hard it is to [Love Out]** their bullying ways (attitudes, actions, beliefs, sayings).

*Note “Thug Addicts” is NOT code for police. It’s not code for pushers or dealers or any other label like that. Thug Addiction is at least a mindset (and thus actionable behaviors) of forcible control, and in fact a bit more. Read the new version of the essay when it’s ready.

**Can't really say "force out," can I? ;-)