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Whom did Jesus say the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to?

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Oct 28, 2014 - 1:54 pm
Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who treat others like little children.
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Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to ones like little children.
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[UPDATE: 2015-01-18 — expanded a little more, towards the end, with more art.]


Do parents deserve to control their own youthful children? I believe most people would agree with that.

Was Jesus saying angels are plump naked toddlers with wings, and bows to lovingly shoot arrows into men and women to make them lust after each other? Um, contrary to paintings you may have seen: NO!

Guidance, Teaching, Raising

Do you have any friends or relatives who have been through college or university to be a teacher? Please ask them what they were told about how to talk to students. Were they advised to say things like, “you’ll never amount to anything,” “you’ll never be good at math,” “I doubt you’ll ever be good at reading,” or were they specifically advised against berating them, thus saddling them with a poor self-image and brainwashing them into some horrible self-fulfilling prophecy?

Why would colleges and universities advise teachers to avoid stereotypes, belittling comments and evaluations? For the exact same reason teachers are trained to set high expectations of their students. Kids specifically, but all people, tend towards the goals and expectations set for them.

Here’s a song that touches on this phenomenon: Jem, They.

And it’s ironic too
‘Cause what we tend to do
Is act on what they say
And then it is that way

Some people call this the Pygmalion effect, some say self-fulfilling prophecy, some say it’s similar to the Hawthorne effect.

Right before the “Links” section below, you will find another piece of art bringing attention to some very sad (to say the least) ironies.


You don’t have to do much reading here at Christians Against Prohibition or anywhere else to get a sense of how excessive, unwarranted, disproportionate and extreme Prohibitionists act towards their fellow humans (including each other). Not just treating everyone else like children, denying them all sorts of things which supposedly “all men created equal” should have access to by virtue of living on the planet, but going so far beyond it to Biblical proportions!

How do you think one adult feels when another adult says, “don’t you worry your pretty little head,” or perhaps “the degenerate races should be kept from consuming those substances.”

With regards to adults and teens, the good news is many are implacable to the ignorant and evil treatment they get. The bad news is some are overly impressionable and end up being pushed into the implied only way people consume and/or act on various substances.

Books could be written, and have been written, describing the horrible insult and expensive humiliating torture that is the Drug War. So here is yet another warning for those who have yet to repent of forcing their Prohibitionist ways on others thus:
(Notice how ALL of the below are ways they would NEVER WISH THIER OWN CHILDREN TO BE TREATED BY OTHERS.)

  • treating other adults as less-than-human,
  • animals to be caged,
  • stigmatized with scorn-filled labels,
  • their families treated badly and trashed,
  • spying on others for the sole intent of finding wrong-doing,
  • calling sin that which is not sin, and
  • doing many other Non-Golden Rule Behaviors they would NEVER WISH ON THIER OWN CHILDREN!!!

In other words worse than shamefully; in Daniel we can find prophecy that some will rise to “life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.” [Daniel 12:2 (NIV)]

  • Lesson 1: Jesus did not say the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who seek to control others to the extent children are controlled.
  • Lesson 2: “Sending a message” by incessantly pushing stigma and negative stereotypes about atypical situations has the net effect of hypocritically and counterproductively talking a percentage of people into bad problems they otherwise would not have encountered. It is bad pedagogy. It is bad drug policy.
  • Lesson 3: Some people, namely bullies, terrorists, and spouse-abusers do their best to treat their victims as shabbily as possible to purposely direct their victims to poor outcomes. Thus they can heap further insult to injury with “I told you so.”
  • Lesson 4: Video showing Prohibition misguided religion.

Here is the audio for the piece below: a 4:20 Drug War News report from 2009-08-02. [3 minutes] It can be found on a web page titled 08/03/09 - Dean Becker.

Arthur Benavie, was a guest on the Cultural Baggage Radio Show. The entire ½ hour show is available as an audio file on another page, along with a transcript too. Use the link embedded in the credit below.

This is the Abolitionist’s Moment

Today, I want to read a quote from retired judge Dennis Challeen about sending the addicted to prison.

“We want them to have self-worth, so we destroy their self-worth.
We want them to be responsible, so we take away all responsibility.
We want them to be positive and constructive, so we degrade them and make them useless.
We want them to be trustworthy, so we put them where there is no trust.
We want them to be non-violent, so we put them where violence is all around them.
We want them to be kind and loving people, so we subject them to hatred and cruelty.
We want them to quit being the tough guy, so we put them where the tough guy is respected.
We want them to quit hanging around losers, so we put all the losers in the state under one roof.
We want them to quit exploiting us, so we put them where they exploit each other.
We want them to take control of their lives’ own problems and quit being a parasite on society, so we make them totally dependent on us.”

The violin solo by Drug Truth Network guest, Professor Arthur Benavie, author of “Drugs, America’s Holy War.”

Please pray for the Prohibitionists and those they love lording their authority over. And cheer those who are bearing the fruits of repentance. Amen.

Matthew 19:14
Mark 10:14
Luke 18:16

You may find this simple and short video to be educational, “Ages & Level of Control.”