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Prohibitionists Say Squeezing Drugs Out of Society Works, Jack A. Cole Proves Prohibition Causes the Opposite

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Jun 4, 2015 - 6:08 pm


In this short video John P. Walters reassuringly implies to the students, faculty and attendees of a debate about drug re-legalization that Drug War and Prohibition work, it’s just a matter of squeezing them out of society, thus achieving a drug free world.

Jack A. Cole of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) proves the opposite has happened! Join for free today. Read more about Jack A. Cole:

2015-06-04 — Jack reports updated statistics from his 2012 presentation. Prohibitionists claim they're squeezing drugs out of society and world, but the data and science indicate otherwise. Jack writes, "Wow. Have things changed since I recorded that video. 15 tons of methamphetamine, 20 tons of cocaine, 23 tons of heroin, and 242 tons of marijuana." Watch the video to see the numbers he reported in 2012.

Watch the full video of Jack’s presentation to the Center for Church and Prison:

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Watch the debate between Glenn Greenwald and John P. Walters at Brown University in November 2011, hosted by the CATO Institute: