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Signing from God: New Name, Private Key, Certificates

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Aug 14, 2016 - 3:10 pm

19:12 […] [Jesus] has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself.
3:12 […] I [Jesus] will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on him my new name.
2:17 […] I [Jesus] will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.

Attributed to: 
John, Jesus

These passages describe something akin to ‘private keys and public keys.’

God, the supreme Certificate Authority, has granted Jesus the ability to issue—what amounts to but is far greater than—digital certificates.

Please note with “akin” and “amounts to” I am trying to stay nebulous on the spiritual descriptions, of which I am not yet fully informed; so I am not saying there is a 1-to-1 correspondence between the above scriptures and the various forms of signing and encryption. However, I am sure there is overlap and those passages refer to it.

Also important, I do not mean to imply the above perspective on scripture is the only way it should be interpreted.


What are the ramifications and lessons to be learned which are applicable for increasing God’s glory in other areas of life? Ah, yes. Many probably. But here I will try to restore sanity by showing God already thought about this. This technology is not foreign or confusing to God, nor is it unpredicted.

When I heard the current FBI Director say something (around the time the FBI was attacking Apple in court and in the press) to the effect he wanted to be inside the minds of the terrorists, to know what the terrorists were thinking, it made me sick. “Knowing the way terrorists think” was given as the reason for wanting to be able to look at anyone’s papers, information, phone, computer, etc… whenever they want ignoring 1) the constitutional requirement for a warrant, 2) that citizens are to be given the benefit of the doubt and NOT assumed guilty until proven innocent, 3) that Jesus said to search for the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s righteousness first; Jesus DID NOT say to figure out evil, predict how evil may happen, or go undercover and assist 4) that government agencies should not unconstitutionally and illegally bully corporations (or anyone).

1) US Constitution, 4th Amendment
2) Even folks way back in the 1200’s believed in this.
3) Matthew 6:33
4) So called National Security Letters. Also the recent attack on Apple.

The desire for a backdoor so they can snoop on everyone is wrong and ignores history. The claim that encryption puts consumers above the law is wrong. What is really meant is they view themselves and their will as The Law and they think they deserve, as though they were God, to walk through walls, browse personal diaries, and read anyone’s mind at will. One big difference is God is always at work to make things good for you and the FBI, DEA, etc… only snoop through your stuff to find ways to accuse you. (Similar to NIDA only focusing on harms and spending zero honestly asking about benefits of any illegally illegal drug.) By conflating themselves with The Law they engender massive disrespect of legitimate laws and worthy authority. And the DOJ should be renamed Death of Justice, or Department of a Sliver of Justice, or Dreaming of Justice.

Not only have people encrypted their work throughout time, notably Leonardo da Vinci, but ultimately we can also keep our work locked up inside our own minds. (Then they resort to torture to get you to talk or deceive you through infiltration to gain your trust.)

Sometimes it’s easier to work on our ideas when they’re represented on paper or in tools like graphics programs, databases, word processors, contact lists, etc… and even though our work is NOT a terrorist plot, we reserve the right to keep it hidden until we are ready to share it or shred it. In the above scriptures Jesus promises us that. (Among other things.)

Like Schoolyard Bullies Many Are Adult Thug Addicts

Apple has the right to create and sell products with encryption so strong even they can’t break it. And governments or agencies which bully them to weaken encryption or develop tools to crack their own products are patently wrong. Schoolyard bullies do this exact thing on a smaller scale. Bigger kids grab the arms of smaller kids and force them to punch themselves. “Stop punching your self! Ha ha. Stop hitting yourself,” the bullies mock. Except when it’s adults doing the bullying it’s usually deadly serious, as in being forced to undermine the security of your own products as noted above, or like when a gang of Thug Addicts shouts “stop resisting” when in fact the person they are attacking did not resist arrest, or “he’s reaching for something” when the person’s hands were and remain in the air. In the latter cases they’ve ‘grown up’ from using their victims’ own hands to advanced weaponry and chemicals; and don’t forget the extreme shouting. Because if schoolyard bullies shouted like banshees as they were victimizing someone, other kids would report it faster or an adult would hear it and run to put an end to it.

FBI Director Comey and all other US government agencies: end the drug war now! There is only one way to do that: re-legalizing drugs. You can start to restore respect to government by ending (un) Civil (ized) Asset Forfeiture absent convictions NOW! And ALL prohibitionist agencies STOP it with the BS that God wants you to ‘send a message’ about drug use to the children (&/or adults); just plain old STFU! Read and learn why already! Nearly each new edition of the oldspapers contain more evidence of yours and the lapdog media’s failings: “Deaths up!” as though it was a surprise since your mindsets are in control.

To all the righteous folks who work in those organizations, please join LEAP.

Looking for some fear of God to help keep things in perspective?
Matthew 12:38-42
Mark 8:10-13
Luke 11:27-32
John 6:30-33