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Amnesty International is Right, Philippine Drug War is Proof of Lawlessness

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Sep 4, 2016 - 5:59 pm

Updates —

  • 2016-08-25 — Saw the article about Amnesty International.
  • 2016-09-03 — Philippine President Duterte, less than one month later, has escalated lawlessness to a such a level where he too is using that word.

Required reading (at some point) about the Men (& Women) of Lawlessness as one aspect of the Prohibitionist Mindsets (aka prohibitionism).

Dear President R. Duterte, it’s a major bummer you didn’t call on Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., and Carl Hart, Ph.D., Neill Franklin & to help you plan and lead the best way forward to address how to deal with so-called drug use in your country. It’s still not too late for you to call on them and develop a migration path from where y’all are now to legalization. The sooner the better.

These killings in the name of society, supposedly to benefit society, are not a ‘necessary evil.’ They are needless!

Here is what I thought when I first read the link below around the 25th of August. Your recent comments of September 3rd only add affirmation of the underlying premise you are going about things in a very counterproductive way!

You are undermining lawfulness, respect for law & order, and respect for authority! You are inadvertently (giving you the benefit of the doubt) causing everyone to believe in a might-makes-right way of leading others and doing things; that does not promote a peaceful or harmonious society.

And now for a few quotes from an online article titled:
Drug War killings proof of lawlessness

THE wave of “terrifying” drug killings is an indication of lawlessness and not crime control, human rights group Amnesty International (AI) said on Wednesday.

Following in the failed steps of United States drug laws as promoted by the likes of Harry J. Anslinger, Richard Nixon, Joe Biden, Chuck Grassley and ilk who put their hands on the levers of power and ramp up enormous levels of death & debt.

Some footnotes have been added in the quote for exploration to show how the Philippines is sadly repeating the same mistakes the US has, albeit on a shorter time frame.

Rojas urged the Congress to amend the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act by changing the definition of a drug den/dive/resort to include concert venues.[1] He also called for higher fines[2] and longer jail time[3] for those convicted of drug possession and sale; plea bargain[4] deals so that street pushers will be able to identify big-time drug lords[5].

Because of the avalanche of surrenderers, Rojas sought amendments to the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act noting that there is no standard system of evaluation for those who have confessed to being drug users.
“Under existing laws, there has to be an issuance of a court order for a drug user to be admitted in a rehabilitation facility.  This rule clogs up our processes, that’s why we are pushing that drug users be admitted in a rehabilitation facility based on the recommendation of the doctors[6] from our Department of Health,” he told lawmakers.

1. Self-Congratulatory “Sending a Message” Baloney That Kills

2. More fines

3. Longer jail time = mandatory minimums
If you don’t know who Eric E. Sterling is you are crazy ;-) learn now:

4. Over-the-top laws to terrorize and threaten people to coerce them into being informants

5. Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Provisions Under Federal Law
Erik Luna, “Most recipients of drug mandatory minimums are couriers, mules, and street-level dealers, not kingpins or leaders in international drug cartels. See, e.g., U.S. SENTENCING COMMISSION, SPECIAL REPORT TO THE CONGRESS: COCAINE AND FEDERAL SENTENCING POLICY 20-21, 85 (2007)”

6. Coercing Doctors

And many other inevitable ills as have been mentioned around here and elsewhere.


Dear President Duterte, The answer is drug legalization and I hope you contact the people I mentioned above as well as other drug legalizers in your area:

Please save your country’s resources and money for better things than using them to greatly damage your beautiful island country with drug war.

Thank you.
Christians Against Prohibition