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Joe Biden’s War, a Six-Part Series

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 - 3:01 pm

In 2009 Lee Rosenberg wrote a lengthy 6 part series called “Joe Biden’s War” for which provides much detail into the drug prohibition laws and policies he enacted and oversaw, and the sequence of events of what would inevitably follow; increases in: death, disease, violence, crime, corruption and addiction.

In part 2, “Joe Biden’s War – South America,” there is this passage which again shows the inevitable fruit of the Drug War Tree.

Throughout the 1980s, the CIA became more and more involved with fighting the drug trade, but their role became quite convoluted the deeper they sank into the quagmire. Initially, the legislation introduced during the Reagan years intended for the CIA to assist in drug interdiction, but as they waged it, they realized that most of the people caught transporting drugs were expendable and would be quickly replaced if captured or killed. As a result, they began targeting only those at the very top of the trade. But in order to capture those folks, though, they would often have to become undercover participants in the trade themselves. In the end, they discovered that even the people at the top are quickly replaced or, even worse, they were just pawns – taking out the rivals of corrupt government officials who were also secretly participating in the trade. [Major screwup] accomplished.

All of this expensive, deadly disaster and more due to some people feeling the need to force their wills on others.

Not sure this screwup is as big as denying pain medicine to millions of people around the world who are suffering right this moment, all because of lies being spread by so called Narcotics Agents and now it seems various people in the medical field who ought to know better.