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Prohibition Prophecy: 21st and 18th Amendments

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Feb 1, 2009 - 12:26 am
In this short analysis of Biblical prophecy, and numbers from United States Founding Documents, some amazing and enlightening developments have been discovered.
  • Read a little about the United States Constitution.
  • Learn where the number 666 is written about in the Bible, in the book of Revelation.
  • Read some of the symbolic meanings of the numbers 6 & 7.
  • Learn how Jesus was, and is, a whole lot nicer than the beings written about in Revelation that force their wills on others.
  • Finally a joke using UNIX permissions which has a convenient coincidence.

Here is some from the introduction...


The number 666 has long been considered a bad omen, a bad sign, an evil number, standing for an evil force. A number that somehow indicates evil. Many theories have been put forth as to why. I have discovered another possible explanation, or two.

Adding interest to this theory are some symbolic meanings attached to various numbers, in particular 6 and 7. The number 6 is believed to be the number of “man.” The number 7 is believed to be the number of “perfection” and “completion.”

Read Revelation chapter 13 and one thing is clear. The beast is all about forcing its will on others. Please note, this is the opposite of our savior, Jesus, Yeshua, the Christ, the Messiah, Wonderful, Counselor. He asks us nicely. He said whoever comes to him, he will not drive away. How many people did Jesus push his will on? None! How many people did Jesus kill? None! Others begged him to do things for them.


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