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5,464 U.S. Works to Get Other Countries Addicted to Grabbing Money 4 Forum topic
7,605 Obama Pardons a Turkey Yet Does NOT Pardon Unrighteously Imprisoned Humans 4 Forum topic
8,463 Paul Prophecies Hypocritical Liars Will Forbid Others From Partaking in God's Gifts 4 Video
6,563 Moral Decay! 4 Book page
2,530 Sheriff, John Urquhart, Legalizing Marijuana is Good Policy 3 Video
2,929 Harm Reduction 3 Forum topic
4,529 Photograph - 2009-09-30 3 Book page
6,410 Revelation 12:12, Devil Knows His Time is Short 3 Blog entry
13,123 The Law! 3 Book page
8,166 Despise the Shame -- Introduction 3 Book page
4,147 Druggie George Orwell Calculates Cost of His 6-Ounces-a-Week Tobacco Habit Versus Buying Books 3 Forum topic
5,698 Titus 1:15, Of Beliefs and Purity 3 Forum topic
10,969 NORML Women 3 Blog entry
4,480 DEA Analyst, Before Drug War 1.3% Population Addicted to Drugs, $1Trillion Dollars Later, 1.3% Addicted 3 Video
2,427 Count the Costs Briefings 3 Book page
4,631 AP Reports on the Failures of the Evil Religion of Drug Prohibition 3 Forum topic
5,295 "And So Upon You Will Come All The Righteous Blood Shed On Earth!" 3 Book page
3,349 One’s Principles 2 Quote
3,508 Dear Executive Director Fedotov, Regarding Philippine President R. Duterte’s Belief in Drug War 2 Forum topic
8,748 The Drug Czar is Required by Law to Lie 2 Book page
2,322 Debbie Wilson Gains Self Through Cannabis Use 2 Video
6,093 Objections to Ending Prohibition 2 Book page
7,093 "Drug Prohibition Laws Are Idols, False Gods, and Blasphemy" Leaders and Shepherds to be Punished 2 Quote
2,889 Cops Plant Drugs on Innocent Victims to Meet Arrest Quotas in Name of Prohibitionists 2 Forum topic
2,642 Frontline Investigates? 2 Forum topic
2,418 ‘One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana’ 2 Forum topic
2,640 After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation 2 Forum topic
1,723 Update 2014-08-13 Massive Edit Begun 2 Blog entry
5,528 Drug Warrior Nightmares of Being Forced to Eat Granola 2 Forum topic
5,461 The Dalai Lama's "No Lose" Strategy 2 Quote