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9,246 Daniel's Vision of Prisons’ Iron Teeth Devouring Victims 6 Quote
18,641 Drug War Tree and Fruit, a Flyer (version 2.1.0) 5 Forum topic
6,422 Christians with balanced view of cannabis a rarity? 4 Forum topic
9,704 Why Do People Try — Why Do People Use — Drugs? Part 1 (Version 1.1.4) 4 Book page
2,943 Prohibition in India 3 Forum topic
17,683 Prohibition Prophecy: 21st and 18th Amendments 3 Book page
8,433 Psychopathic Thug Addicts Terrorize Innocent Family in the Name of Drug War 3 Forum topic
3,714 Drug War Wart 3 Blog entry
22,864 The Ol' Pharmakeia Situation 3 Forum topic
4,938 Which is the hardest to overcome? 3 Poll
5,637 Paul on Food, Thanksgiving, and Latter Times 3 Quote
3,200 Prohibition’s Beast with 10 Horns 3 Quote
3,737 What Parts of Our Declaration of Independence are We NOT Contradicting? 3 Book page
3,686 Camel Swallowers 3 Quote
3,521 Senator Jim Webb's National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009 Passes House, Unanimously 2 Forum topic
4,367 TIME: Inside the Dire Financial State of the States 2 Forum topic
6,628 "Drug Prohibition Laws Are Idols, False Gods, and Blasphemy" Leaders and Shepherds to be Punished 2 Quote
1,987 Debbie Wilson Gains Self Through Cannabis Use 2 Video
2,747 Travel Expert Hosts "Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation" 2 Video
4,415 Saved from Thinking: Doubt Everything or Believe Everything 2 Quote
2,800 Have a Heart! Valentine's Day, 1929, Chicago, 7 Dead. Mexico, 2006-2010, 28,000+ Dead. 2 Book page
6,076 Did Jesus say to bring things into the light, or to push things into the dark? 2 Poll
2,106 Another Young LEAP Guy Persecuted 2 Forum topic
2,795 On What Point Do Prohibitionists and Abolitionists Agree? 2 Forum topic
16,488 Comparison: Prohibitionism is to the Devil What Abolitionism is to God 2 Forum topic
2,517 Maya Angelou on Courage and History 2 Quote
2,419 the Sheep & the Goats 2 Quote
5,534 10 Commandments Desecrated by Drug War and Drug Prohibition 2 Book page
1,841 Joy in Heaven 2 Quote
3,386 Andrew C. Bairnsfather Asks Crawford Church to Pray for Prohibitionists - 2012-01-15 2 Video