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4,520 Deathtime Achievement Award Goes to U.S. Agency! 3 Book page
11,850 Why Do People Try — Why Do People Use — Drugs? Part 1 (Version 1.1.4) 3 Book page
21,801 Why Do Teens Deal Drugs? 3 Book page
19,466 Prohibition Prophecy: 21st and 18th Amendments 3 Book page
7,553 U.S. to Rape Victims and Loved Ones, "We Care More About Hunting Down and Locking Up Every Last Drug User Than Your Alleged Rape." 2 Book page
6,734 Sitting in the Seat of God 2 Book page
3,860 To End the War on Drugs: A Guide for Politicians, the Press and Public 2 Forum topic
2,332 When was the last time published the results of urine-testing their Board of Directors? 2 Poll
14,404 Post-Prohibition Problems Predicted 2 Forum topic
25,281 The Ol' Pharmakeia Situation 2 Forum topic
4,331 Scoundrels and Oppressive Laws 2 Quote
23,155 Quotes 2 Book page
10,257 Down With the Drug Warrior Perjurers 2 Book page
3,412 Summary of Recent Smears 2 Blog entry
6,496 The Deceived 2 Book page
10,962 FAQ 2 Book page
9,284 The Drug Czar is Required by Law to Lie 2 Book page
3,534 Debbie Wilson Gains Self Through Cannabis Use 2 Video
6,509 Objections to Ending Prohibition 2 Book page
4,727 Conflict of Interest and Being Stubborn 2 Quote
2,900 Nacroleaks 1 Forum topic
3,386 UK Drug Czar Mo Mowlam 1 Quote
2,969 Leaders Send Spies to Secretly Listen to, Record, and Entrap You 1 Quote
18,376 Comparison: Prohibitionism is to the Devil What Abolitionism is to God 1 Forum topic
8,704 Obama Pardons a Turkey Yet Does NOT Pardon Unrighteously Imprisoned Humans 1 Forum topic
3,264 Poor Gives More 1 Quote
2,828 Which option reduces the most amount of harm? (2 of 4) 1 Poll
5,094 Kinds of Drugs, Defining the Categories 1 Book page
7,193 Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1 Blog entry
6,587 Nixon on Dishonesty in Government 1 Quote