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6,184 Easter: Jesus Arrested in SWAT Raid via Snitch, Threatened with Overwhelming Punishment by Prosecutors, and Later Murdered! 8 Forum topic
3,614 Harm Reduction 5 Forum topic
5,896 Ironman Part 2, Learning About Cannabis Oil 4 Book page
8,267 Obama Pardons a Turkey Yet Does NOT Pardon Unrighteously Imprisoned Humans 4 Forum topic
3,571 To End the War on Drugs: A Guide for Politicians, the Press and Public 4 Forum topic
7,415 Christians with balanced view of cannabis a rarity? 4 Forum topic
6,758 Revelation 12:12, Devil Knows His Time is Short 4 Blog entry
24,627 The Ol' Pharmakeia Situation 4 Forum topic
7,181 Dance, You Drunk! 4 Quote
22,664 Quotes 4 Book page
10,905 Daniel's Vision of Prisons’ Iron Teeth Devouring Victims 4 Quote
4,840 LEAP Publishes “After Prohibition” 3 Forum topic
4,367 Prohibitionists Launch a Drug Menace [CU Report Download PDF, ePub] 3 Book page
3,588 On What Point Do Prohibitionists and Abolitionists Agree? 3 Forum topic
5,355 Matthew Fogg - ACLU Report & Police Tactics 3 Video
9,624 LEAP Handouts 3 Book page
6,013 Titus 1:15, Of Beliefs and Purity 3 Forum topic
5,572 Ironman Part 3, Using Cannabis Oil 3 Book page
5,050 Abdicating Oaths, Harming the Sick, Ruling Harshly and Brutally 3 Quote
4,653 Photograph - 2009-02-16 2 Book page
3,553 In what year will the citizens realize the U.S. is (already) bankrupt due to the Drug War? 2 Poll
5,722 Media is Missing Big Marijuana Story 2 Book page
1,733 He's Alive! 2 Blog entry
5,039 What good is it to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul? 2 Quote
4,547 One of These Days You Could Be Cut Into Little Pieces 2 Quote
4,607 Photograph - 2008-06-23 2 Book page
2,782 Sheriff, John Urquhart, Legalizing Marijuana is Good Policy 2 Video
12,428 Neill Franklin’s Personal Journey Learning that Violence and Tragedy Inevitably Arise from Prohibition 2 Video
2,487 Stop Torture in Health Care 2 Forum topic
2,968 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) Tweets 2 Forum topic