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22,528 The Ol' Pharmakeia Situation 7 Forum topic
5,945 Obama Pardons a Turkey Yet Does NOT Pardon Unrighteously Imprisoned Humans 7 Forum topic
10,373 Christians for Cannabis 7 Forum topic
5,914 Prohibitionists' Blaspheme, "DAMN GOD TO HELL for Making These Plants!" 6 Forum topic
17,437 Prohibition Prophecy: 21st and 18th Amendments 6 Book page
9,438 Why Do People Try — Why Do People Use — Drugs? Part 1 (Version 1.1.4) 5 Book page
1,853 Just So You Know 5 Blog entry
3,785 "When We Legalize Marijuana, Won't the Cartels Just Go into Human Trafficking" 5 Book page
16,288 Comparison: Prohibitionism is to the Devil What Abolitionism is to God 5 Forum topic
9,232 Cops Say, "End the Violence. Legalize Drugs." 4 Book page
3,531 666 4 Blog entry
1,692 Drug War Tree and Fruit Updated to 1.7 4 Blog entry
3,620 LEAP Publishes "Statement of Principles" 4 Book page
3,044 Heartless Cops Should NOT be Where the Media Turns for Drug Information! 4 Forum topic
18,350 Drug War Tree and Fruit, a Flyer (version 2.1.0) 4 Forum topic
6,171 Shining Lights 4 Book page
7,591 U.N. Drug Prohibition "Treaty" is a Weapon of Mass Destruction! 4 Blog entry
1,980 Happy Jesus’ Birthday 4 Blog entry
5,801 Bungee Jumping and Drugs, a Flyer (version 1.3.0) 4 Book page
4,863 Teen Gets Two Life Terms Over Cocaine 4 Book page
2,227 Frontline Investigates? 4 Forum topic
7,801 McLaughlin Group Discusses Ending Marijuana Prohibition Video 4 Video
5,830 Preacher Murdered: Just Another "Fill Up" at the Filling Station 4 Book page
5,236 In-the-Closet Hypocrites 3 Book page
2,915 I just love this site 3 Forum topic
5,790 Revelation 12:12, Devil Knows His Time is Short 3 Blog entry
2,887 Civil Asset Forfeiture - Policing for Profit - The Abuse of Everyone's Rights 3 Video
9,876 Drug Abuse is Bad, but the Drug War is Worse 3 Book page
3,156 Alcohol 3 Book page
1,666 Many Millions Around World Suffer Due to Cruel Lies, Liars, and Misleaders 3 Forum topic