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4,402 Deathtime Achievement Award Goes to U.S. Agency! 1 Book page
11,533 Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation 1 Book page
2,934 TIME: Why Do Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers? 1 Forum topic
5,896 Monopolists in Miniature 1 Book page
2,583 Jesus Christ is a Convict 1 Poll
3,964 Signing from God: New Name, Private Key, Certificates 1 Quote
2,645 Murderers Recently Add Killing for Drugs to their List of Heinous Crimes, Prohibitionists and Supporters Enlisted 1 Book page
11,375 Neither LSD Nor Christianity 1 Blog entry
2,776 Canadian Government Entraps and Condemns Archbishops of the Church of The Universe 1 In the News
3,061 Pining for the Realism and Sincerity of Hollywood Versus Washington 1 Quote
9,692 Interviews 1 Book page
12,606 Mind Altering Analysis 1 Book page
2,555 Men of Lawlessness Lash Out 1 Forum topic
4,121 Ironman Part 5, The Photographs 0 Book page
4,395 Corruption 0 Book page
2,997 Jesus Says Those Who Do Evil Hate Bringing Things to the Light 0 Quote
6,331 Judge Gray Testifies Reasons to Legalize Marijuana 0 Video
2,166 Slower Updates 0 Blog entry
1,757 Letter to the Boston Globe Regarding ADHD Drug Shortage 0 Forum topic
5,073 Former Drug Addicts Find New Fixation on Triathlons 0 In the News
4,221 How many overdose deaths would there be if drugs were pure and the quantity of one dose was obvious? 0 Poll
2,889 Frontline Investigates? 0 Forum topic
2,676 ‘One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana’ 0 Forum topic
4,538 Look at the Damage Caused by Alcohol. Do We Really Want Marijuana Legalized? 0 Book page
3,131 He's Alive! 0 Blog entry
2,806 After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation 0 Forum topic
3,306 Drug Availability 0 Book page
4,895 Saved from Thinking: Doubt Everything or Believe Everything 0 Quote
3,102 The Australian Heroin Diaries 0 Forum topic
3,167 Stanton Peele Takes on AA, the Toughest Drug to Quit, and Prohibitionists Perverting Kids 0 Forum topic