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Ray Suarez of Pwned By Sadists (PBS) Reads Script Perfectly During Interview on Opioids and Newborns Scare

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, May 1, 2012 - 8:54 pm

Tonight the Pwned By Sadists inside the Möbius Loop Beltway Hour (PBS Newshour) had a segment about “babies addicted to opioids.” Ray Suarez read his script like a champ. Never saying any specific term like opiates or opioids but only referring to the amorphous “drugs” in order to keep up the fright factor.

And sorry to say the medical doctor kept on referring to “opiates” instead of opioids although he often mentioned pills.


Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Dec 27, 2011 - 1:42 pm

This section will hold information about opioids.

They are the most time-honored method for relieving pain.

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